Black July (Feature)


Romantic tale of a rich young Sinhalese woman and a charismatic young Tamil man set during the bloody Sri Lankan anti-Tamil riots of July 1983.



Ananth, a charismatic young Tamil businessman hailing from a farming village in the northern Tamil stronghold of Jaffna, falls in love with a rich beautiful Sinhalese woman Chandani from Colombo. Despite the staunch opposition from his obstinate father, Ananth travels to Colombo with his mother and sister to marry Chandani. Two days later, 13 government soldiers are killed in a deadly ambush in the North, setting in motion a long-laid sinister plan by the Sinhala National Party.As Ananth and Chandani are having an elaborate wedding engagement party, the Sinhala National Party brings thousands of Sinhala youth from the rural South to Colombo to weed out rebel “infiltration.” Among them is Samanmalli, a 19-year-old impressionable unemployed Sinhalese man.The following morning Colombo witnesses the bloodiest anti-Tamils pogrom in the history of Sri Lanka in which thousands of Tamils were brutally killed by the marauding mob. In this great chaos, Ananth gets separated from his mother and sister, whom he vowed to protect. Unbeknown to Chandani, Ananth sets out on a perilous journey to find his mother and sister in the burning city. Chandani sets out on her own desperate journey to save Ananth, the love of her life. Realizing that they’ve been brought to kill innocent Tamils and not the rebels, Samanmalli soon revolts against his comrades and handlers.As these three characters race against time putting their lives in danger for their convictions, they all collide at a devastatingly ruinous intersection.


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