GOD (Feature)

In a sleepy college town, a lonely 21-year-old girl – Evelyn – receives a book about an ancient Indian God from her professor. Shortly after, the professor dies under mysterious circumstances leaving Evelyn with many unanswered questions. She suspects that there is a connection between the professor’s death and the book. Fascinated by the book and emboldened by the professor’s death, Evelyn embarks on a journey to uncover the truth. The God from the book is a protector and moves from place to place every twelve years protecting the residents from all that is evil. Evelyn discovers that the town has been crime-free for last twelve years and suspects that the God has taken up residence in the town. As her fascination becomes an obsession, Evelyn sets out to find the God. This hypothesis fails when she learns about a crime – a missing girl – that took place four years earlier. When she digs deeper, she discovers that the God requires the sacrifice of a 21-year-old girl every four years. When she puts all the pieces of the puzzle together, she discovers something shocking and personal.

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